Thursday, March 3, 2011

On the Beach: Biology Lesson, Illustrated

Sorry for making you look sideways. I can't find a way to rotate this picture, but I wanted to show the dexterity of the fishermen, standing up in their little round baskets to row through the rough surf.

Walking along the beach on our way to breakfast, we watched this fisherman in his basket boat coming ashore. When he got into shallow water he started trying to pull his boat up with each wave, so we decided to help him. After a couple of his relatives also came to help, we all carried it up the beach to dry land.

The fishermen and women leaning into the net, pulling in the catch.

Sorting the catch

The squid that took their revenge on Marjorie's pants. Since I'm the one who had their cousin in my breakfast soup the day before, they should have been trying for me.

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  1. By taking revenge on Marjorie's pants do you mean one squirted some ink on her?